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  • The New York Tristate GERD Support and by extension Ethiopia benefits from your expertise, knowledge and contribution, in any form at a capacity that suits you better. 

  • In particular, your contribution and skills in areas of advocacy, public relations, media and communication, research and writing, community organization, outreach to stakeholders, fundraising, social media and fundraising campaign are in high demand.

  • Finally and most importantly, your voice, vision and opinion matter. We would like to hear from you. 

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Let Us Join Hands - Take Part and  Make History

  • More than sixty-five million Ethiopians do not have access to electricity. From the entire population of Ethiopia, seventy percent are under the age of thirty years. Ethiopia has about thirty-two million of its population in schools at different levels of training, from which close to a hundred thousand graduates from higher education and vocational training institutions every year. 

  • The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is one of Ethiopia’s mega development projects expected to address these urgent energy and development needs of Ethiopia. 

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In Person

Any one of your community GERD Advocates can meet you at your convivence. We are a CLICK or a RING away. 


Over the Phone

(917) 740 2317

By Email

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