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New York Tristate GERD Support group is a community led initiative established in the New York Tristate area in the Fall of 2020 to advance causes of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). The group is made up of committed and interested diaspora community members with strong conviction to contribute to the development of Ethiopia.

Our objective is to lead, facilitate and coordinate GERD support from the Ethiopian diaspora community, friends of Ethiopia, elected officials, academia, international organizations and alike in the NY Tristate area by:

  1. Building strong and organized diaspora effort to advance advocacy around GERD’s contribution to the Ethiopia’s overall development and lobby for Ethiopia’s interest in completing the construction of GERD from the perspective of strict adherence to the principles of international law on Transboundary Rivers and principles of equitable utilization of its resources;

  2. Coordinating and establishing network of diaspora groups to actively engage in communication and public relations activities targeting various stakeholders and audiences, with the aim of articulating matters of GERD, clarifying misunderstandings, bringing awareness and develop Nile and GERD knowledge base among the community and beyond;

  3. Mobilizing financial resources to inject much needed funding to finalize construction of GERD - given Ethiopia is financing the construction of the dam utilizing public resources and donation from Ethiopians.


Our collective GERD advocacy principle is driven by fairness and equitable utilization of the Nile waters, with no significant harm to downstream countries. Our advocacy work is supported by data and analysis by scholars in the fields of natural resources, international law and energy.

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