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Video Editor

  • Edit videos and motion graphics for social media posts and advertisement

  • Manipulate and customize videos aligning messaging and content with the mission and goals of NY Tristate GERD Support

  • Working closely with the social media and communication team, develop and embed other media (sound), graphics and various effects

  •  Recommend and implement best story telling mechanisms.

Digital/social Media

  • Manage all social media platform of the New York Tristate GERD support (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn);

  • Develop, curate and drive audience appropriate creative content and visuals, sourcing in-house vetted communication products and outside credible sources;

  • Prioritize and engage on all platforms on behalf of the group, demonstrating key principles of our advocacy work that enshrines “fairness – equity - collaboration”;

  • Design and Implement creative resources to increase engagement and collaboration; explore opportunities and new ideas for wider reach.  

  • Draft and implement a strategy that supports the groups vision on matters of advocacy, resource mobilization and public relations

Public Relations (PR)

  • In collaboration and coordination with the group members and communications working team, draft and produce communication materials, presentation, opinion papers, newsletters and factsheets;

  • Closely monitor and analyze social media engagements and create/draft appropriate level responses;

  • Develop and explore strategies for publicity opportunities (media, seminars, interviews etc) and effective PR plans based on key advocacy principles of the group;

  • Brainstorm on new ideas and opportunities for campaigns;

  • Involve and participate in events and opportunities on the group’s behalf, draw and share lessons learned.

Communication & Campaign Management

  • Develop and draft messaging and communication contents for pamphlets, newsletters, advocacy letters, opinion pieces and blog entries aligned with the advocacy principles of the NY Tristate GERD support;

  • Identify key collaborators and stakeholders, initiate communication, respond to quires and develop continuous engagement strategies;

  • Explore new ideas and opportunities for advocacy campaigns;

  • Involve and participate in events and opportunities on the group’s behalf, draw and share lessons learned.

Graphics Designer

  • Lead the design and layout of NY Tristate GERD support communication materials;

  • Design templates for publicity materials, i.e. pamphlets, posters, announcements etc. 

  • Develop appropriate advocacy specific products and materials as needed;

  • Design graphics and implement improvements on existing visuals of the GERD support group.


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